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5 Key Trends in Mobile Ordering

Top Trends to look for in mobile Ordering: Here are 5 key trends in mobile ordering that you should know about: Millennials love to use smartphones everywhere The current generation is obsessed with their smart devices. They spend more time swiping on their tiny gadget than actually meeting people. Mobile ordering may be a relatively new trend for many, but it has quickly gained a lot of traction.  More than 94% of all millennials worldwide already use their smartphones in restaurants, bars and other public shops. This means that if they were given ways to interact with the business through their smartphone, they would be more likely to order.  Millennials make for the best mobile ordering consumers Considering that millennials are 23% more likely to eat outside than non-millennials, getting the attention of millennials is one of the main reasons mobile ordering is a thing.  According to a report, more than 56% of all millennials would love to order food from their smartphone – which we are referring to as mobile ordering – and more than 38% already have access, and have tried to do so.  Best channels for mobile ordering Even big restaurants such as Taco Bell are seeing a 30% higher average order value when customers order through mobile instead of in-store. Here are some of the best websites or channels that customers use for ordering food on their mobile phones: Twitter – Though originally made famous by Domino’s, ordering food simply by using tweets on Twitter is one of the most popular and easy options.  Facebook – Any customer can order food online on selected restaurants through Facebook by simply sending a message with relevant details. Cars – Some restaurants such as Pizza Hut have developed a system where customers can order food through their car’s dashboard system.  Mobile order delivery options Even delivering food has become modernized through mobile ordering. Here are some of the new delivery options that have become available to the general public now: Drones – Following Amazon’s success, drones are quickly becoming a very viable option for delivering food to customers in the fastest time and with consistency.  Robots – though still in its early stages, robots will eventually be able to deliver food to customers. There is an actual robot that is able to do it right now too, though it moves at a speed of only 4 miles per hour.  The COVID & mobile ordering The COVID-19 is making mobile ordering even more feasible because everyone is stuck at home. Consumers are not only more likely but are even being encouraged by the government to purchase their orders through mobile or online platforms.  Final Thoughts: All of these facts only prove that mobile ordering is going to become even more popular in the near future. Any aspiring restaurant-owner that wishes to improve their sales and get ahead of their competition should try their best to implement mobile ordering.